Spiritual Transformation

The prophet Isaiah proclaims saying “my word shall not return to me void, but shall do my will.” (Is. 55: 11) The word of God would not return to Him void, meaning it would accomplish its end, not our own purpose which is often what we set our minds on doing. The word comes to carry out the will of God in our lives. When we make room for this to happen, it shows by the conduct of our lives. The prophet uses the image of water falling from above and transforming the land, bringing new life and seed to the one who plants seed. The earth simply absorbs the water as it is nourished to make it yield fruits abundantly in accordance with God’s design. When the word of God comes into the human heart and we allow it to flourish abundantly as God has designed it, we would be equally transformed. This would make us be like the soil that simply absorbs nutrients from water and nourishes the seed, being the word of God planted within us. It blooms! Where there is a genuine response to the transforming grace poured out on us by God, one cannot but surrender the self to Him who continues to renew us daily. And to show that renewal at work within, it manifests itself in our words and actions so that others are nourished through us spiritually. Also, a life of prayer that helps one to understand and do God’s will is reflective of what God is asking of us.

Father Ben Faneye