Parish Picnic – Thank You!

On June 25, 2017, we held our parish picnic on our grounds at Good Shepherd. It was a beautiful day and nearly 200 people from the parish joined us for the afternoon. In the name of our parishioners, we express our gratitude to the Knights of Columbus from our parish for once again taking the lead for our picnic and preparing the delicious food we were able to enjoy. We also express our gratitude to Amanda Spahr for hosting the Children’s Games, to Barb Zabady for obtaining our door prizes, and to parish staff who helped in any way to prepare the grounds for the afternoon. Thank you to all our parishioners who brought the snacks for eating before the main course and the many delicious desserts we all enjoyed. May God bless our Knights for their effort
for the second year now and Amanda, staff members and parishioners who brought so many good things for us to enjoy and helped to make this day possible.

Also, much gratitude to Myers-Buhrig Funeral Home Crematory for the 30 cases of bottled water for our Parish Picnic.

Mark your Calendar for NEXT YEAR! June 24, 2018 – date for Next Year’s Picnic!