Obedient Servant

There are moments in life when we feel we have finally gotten something right after long periods of hardship, or after having gone through times of trials. In such situations, we may also have wondered if God put us through them to test us as we may have felt abandoned, or if it was a punishment for what we did wrong. However, one thing is noteworthy, that God remains faithful to His promise. In that promise, God embraces us as His own and we are to respond to Him and His offer of love, which is our salvation. That loving invitation from God requires that we listen attentively to His word in which we find salvation. Prophet Isaiah says “morning after morning he opens my ear that I may hear; and I have not rebelled, have not turned back.” (Is. 50: 4b-5) As God makes this offer, we are reminded that our salvation is not in our hands, but rather the work of God which calls for our cooperation and willing submission as He leads us on the path of life. Disobedience was the reason the Chosen People ended up in exile. Could we also experience a form of exile in our own lives because of our pride or disobedience? Could we be experiencing a separation from the life of God because we are insisting on doing things our own way? From the words of the prophet Isaiah, what we should learn is that the ideal servant of God is one who listens attentively to the Word. Jesus is the Word of the Father who, by His obedience to the Father, accomplishes our salvation on the Cross. We too want to learn from Jesus how to listen to that voice that brings us into conformity with Him who is our life.

Father Ben Faneye