Not By Might

When the disciples told Thomas of the Lord’s appearance, he said he would only believe it when he sees the marks of the nails and puts his hands in his side. In other words, Thomas was asking to see the evidence of the wounds of Jesus to believe that he is truly risen. And behold, when Jesus came the next time, he showed his wounds to Thomas and asked him to touch them. This was the moment Thomas confessed his faith in Jesus saying: “My Lord and my God.” He realized how in the Crucified One God has come to identify with us. To redeem us from the power of the evil one in this world of sin, he willingly suffered at the hands of His own who refused to accept Him. He has shown us what true love is. It is becoming vulnerable for the sake of the beloved. In His mercy, he shows us how He cares for us and recognizing our weakness, comes to our aid in our human form, to share in our experience except sin. He came to do for us what we would not have been able to do and would still not be able to do for ourselves. In His mercy, He becomes one with us in our brokenness that salvation may be ours as He rises victorious over sin and death. Jesus reveals to us the mercy of God. In Him, we always trust for our salvation!

Father Ben Faneye