Food for the Journey

Moses reminded the Chosen People how God led them through the desert from captivity to freedom. (Dt. 8:2) On that journey, God fed them with manna which did not only satisfy their hunger but it was an invitation to enter into a relationship of faith with God. With or without their worries, the manna fell from the sky for their daily needs. All that God asked of them was to trust in Him. Trust Him who leads! This trust is also what Jesus is asking of us as He says “whoever eats my body and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him/her. (Jn. 6:56) This is a trust that underlies a relationship of love whereby we recognize God at the center of our lives and our being is totally dependent on Him. And so, to “remain” in Christ is to be in a relationship whereby we constantly experience the presence of God who enables us not simply to avoid the pitfalls of life, but to follow Him who is our true life. Finally, the body and blood of Christ is also food for those dying, known as viaticum, which expresses our hope in eternal life. When our earthly body falls asleep in death, it is not the end of life. The faithful simply follow (remain in) the Savior in whom they were baptized and at that moment when death comes, each one should be given the opportunity of being led by the Savior into the heavenly Jerusalem, our true home.

Father Ben Faneye