Adult/Young Adult Faith Formation Series

Are you interested in learning about the history of the Church? Good Shepherd’s 2017-2018 Faith Formation series is just the program to walk you through over 2000 years of the history of the Church. This 20-session series, which will be presented in two parts, will take you through the major people, places and events that make up the history of the Catholic Church. See the glory of the Church founded by Christ and understand where you fit into this Epic story. This is Church history taught from a solid Catholic perspective.

This year we are able to offer two options for those who wish to participate in the program. Option One is the same as we have offered in the past. Group gatherings in the Parish Hall on Tuesday mornings or Thursday evenings at which the DVD session is viewed followed by group discussion. Option Two for this year is the opportunity to follow the 20-session program at your own pace and place of choosing by streaming it on your devices (lap tops, iPads, iPhones, etc.) The program will begin in early September. Please watch for more details about the program and for registration opportunities in upcoming bulletins